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Roofing Products

Davison Roofing, Inc. offers a large selection of roofing products to meet your needs and budget. The following is a summary of the products that we offer. Browse through our selection and let us know which types you would like more information on.

We encourage consumers to do some research on the ratings of the roofing materials they are considering. Consumer Reports has completed extensive reports and ratings on roofing products. We do keep copies of these articles if you would like to review them, just ask Neil about them. We also recommend you speak to Neil about what products he may suggest for your particular home, needs, and concerns.


Composition roofing is a popular re-roof product. It requires little maintenance, and comes with a lifetime product warranty. Composition roofing comes in many different styles, colors, and thicknesses. [Read more...]


We purchase and install only the top graded Wood Shakes and Wood Shingles. [Read more...]

WeatherBond PVC

WeatherBond PVC is used on flat roofs instead of torch down roofing. [Read more...]

Nu-Ray Metals

We use Nu-Ray Metals. This product maintains its beauty and functionality for 40 years or more. [Read more...]