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Roofing Process

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The Roofing Process at Davison Roofing

We want you to know exactly what to expect when you hire Davison Roofing. A standard roof replacement will follow this process.

  • Once you have decided to hire Davison Roofing, you will need to sign your roofing proposal to get on the schedule. Discuss with Neil any timing concerns you have for the start of your project. Davison Roofing will work with you to meet any scheduling needs or concerns you may have.
  • Choose a color. Neil can give you addresses of homes with the color of roofing you are interested in installed on them for you to look at. We also have sample boards.
  • We will let you know when your roofing work will begin.
  • Davison Roofing’s dump trailer or dumpster will be delivered.
  • A Honey Bucket will be delivered so that our crew does not need to come inside your home.
  • Plywood will be delivered if needed.
  • Roofing work will begin, roofing materials will be delivered.
  • After the roofing work is done, and all clean up is completed, you will meet with Neil Davison to ensure your complete satisfaction.
  • A lifetime workmanship warranty and manufacturer shingle warranty will be issued to you.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding this process, then please do not hesitate to contact us.