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Finest Quality Components

At Davison Roofing, we have been in the business long enough to know exactly what works to provide you with a roof that will endure for years to come. We take our lifetime workmanship warranty* seriously by providing our customers with only the finest quality components.

Your roof is about more than just the shingles. The felt laid beneath your shingles is the last line of defense against moisture and decay. The metals around your skylights, vents, chimney, etc. are also very important in keeping your roof protected.

This image is an example of the details other companies leave out, but when added by Davison Roofing, they make a big difference in the final look of your roof...

  • new metal flashing
    Click on the image for a larger view.
  • On the left, the old metal has been re-used. On the right, you can see where the metal has been replaced and blends with the new roof.
  • On the left, no high profile ridge cap, on the right, high profile ridge cap is added.


  • All new metals are installed. We do not re-use the materials from your old roof. This includes, but is not limited to: valley metal, pan metal, roof to wall, chimney flashings, skylight flashings, and step flashings.
  • We use only lead pipe flashing's for plumbing stacks. The leads are painted with manufacturer's paint to match the color of the roof. Some companies choose to use no-caulk or neoprene gaskets around the plumbing stacks. These rubber gaskets have a life expectancy of about 15 years and won't last the life of today's roofing materials.
  • We use all 26-gauge metal flashings in brown, black, or white with a baked on Kynar enamel finish.
  • We add 1x3 gutter metal to our roofing jobs to protect the plywood edge from water damage.
  • We always paint furnace vents and hot water heater stacks with manufacturer paint to match the roof color.
  • We use new metal flapper vents on all bathroom fans, not cheap plastic vents.


Davison Roofing uses only 30# ASTM-rated underlayment. ASTM-rated is thicker than regular 30# felt.

We purchase our underlayment from a premium supplier. The 30# ASTM-rated felt purchased from a big box store is not as thick as the 30# ASTM felt we install.


A starter course of shingles is installed on the bottom edge of the roof. A double layer is used when installing Presidential shingles.

*call Davison Roofing's office at 425-344-6151 for specific warrantee information and guarantee details